Surgical Eye Camp

A surgical eye camp was organized in Phidim Municipality in collaboration with Jana Sewa Samaj Panchathar during 15-18 March, 2022. Our medical team examined 1,457 patients in camp OPD (Male-695 and Female-762) and performed surgery in 215 patients out of which cataract surgery was done in 182 patients. Extra-ocular surgery was performed in 33 patients.

Similarly, two surgical eye camps were organized in September 2022; one in Bhadrapur at Bhadrapur Eye Care Centre from 05-08 September, 2022 in partnership with Inner Wheel Club of Bhadrapur and another in Phidim Municipality at Phidim Zonal Hospital from 16-21 September, 2022 in co-operation with Jana Sewa Samaj, Panchathar.

In Bhadrapur surgical eye camp, 950 patients were examined in camp OPD (Male-463 & Female-487) whereas surgery was performed in 183 patients; 164 patients underwent cataract surgery whereas extra-ocular surgery was performed in 19 patients.

Likewise, a total number of 1,806 patients were screened in Phidim eye camp (Male-864 & Female-942) and 240 patients underwent eye surgery out of which cataract surgery was performed 220 patients and extra-ocular surgery was done in 20 patients.

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