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My association with this hospital entered in 12’h year in May 2018 and nevertheless a matter of great honor and joy to celebrate our 22’d anniversary in 2018. Seeing the hospital on its successful stage, I can’t help myself to express how proud and glad I am.

Moreover, I would like to show my gratitude to all our team members who are committed with their effort to provide high quality eye care service in high volume set-up. Mechi Eye Hospital, and eye care in general, have changed significantly over the time, but our mission remains the same – delivery of equitable, accessible, inclusive, quality & affordable eye care to the community; subsequently decreasing avoidable & curable blindness in this region thereby supporting to attain sustanability development goals. This simple but valuable mantra continues to guide my decisions and focus for the development of the hospital. It drives us, day in and day out, to continuously look at ways for improvisation in our system, policies and services.

We have an impeccable reputation and we are continuously growing and adapting to address community needs. Each year, new programs and opportunities were introduced that were collaborative and beneficial to the target group; like Nepal REACH Project for children, starting target Population based RAAB survey, opening Cornea Collection Unit and commencement of surgical retina fellowship – a giant step leap forward in transforming into a centre of excellence.

Utilization of local resources; especially land, funds and community involvement is vital to ensure enduring sustainability for any not-for-profit service oriented community eye care programs. Last year was very memorable as we successfully completed the construction of our new building for Bhadrapur Eye Care Centre with our own fund on donated land thereby its inauguration in the presence of deputy mayor & eminent local dignitaries.

While we see more challenges in future, we continue to stay focused on a progressive approach that emphasizes being proactive. Over the coming months and years, our priority will continue to be focused on creatingaccess to services, improvingquality, increasing transparency, maintaining equity & inclusion, recruiting staffs that are engaged in our mission, developing new partnerships, lowering the cost of care & attrition rate, structural and human resource development, enhance community participation and more. We will work with our community leaders, local legislatives for collaboration in order to achieve sustainability of eye care centers operating in rural areas to serve the under-privileged population.

As ophthalmic professionals, we have both responsibility & commitment to treat all patients with compassion, dignity & empathy by adhering to the Patient First Ethic. I believe that we should utilize our talent for the benefit of others; especially those in most needs but lack resources to pay.

To every one of us who has been a part of this journey, this day is a culmination of our untiring effort, enthusiasm, commitment & professionalism. However, standing still and resting on our past laurels is simply impossible because of new challenges & community needs that continue to emerge that we must address. So, let’s aspire to be the best in what we are by continuing to deliver eye care services to the community.

As I look forward to the future of our hospital, I know that success is inevitable because of the combined strength of the wonderful people who comprises of our team, supportive partners, volunteers, unwavering support from generous donors and guidance from the board of directors & the community.

Dr. Purushottam joshi, MD
Medical Director