Message from the Chairman

Mechi Eye Hospital has achieved several milestones over its 26 years of operation. It had humble beginnings, as is often the case with projects outside the national capital. Nevertheless, the journey over these three decades outshines many comparable initiatives. I am delighted to have had the privilege of leading this organization, setting an example in the country’s health fraternity, and proud to have guided it for quite some time. Not everyone can envision the progress an institution like Mechi Eye Hospital has undergone. We are fortunate to have such a well-run and reputable hospital in our region.

The credentials of this hospital are beyond dispute, benefiting people across borders, with patients coming from West Bengal, the entire North East States of India, and even Bhutan. And, as you all know, this is a hospital based in Jhapa, at the eastern end of Nepal. Mechi Eye Hospital upholds its core principle of equity and equality in delivering services. All patients undergo the same process to receive hospital services. We focus on the underprivileged, ensuring they receive maximum free treatment. In addition to delivering quality eye care services, we are also making strides in training skilled manpower in Optometric Science to address any shortage of skilled medical personnel for eye care services.

On the occasion of its 26th anniversary, I would like to acknowledge all the valued leaders and executive members of the hospital who, from the commencement of services till today, have dedicated their efforts to advancing the hospital. I express gratitude to the Eye Care Foundation, Netherlands, for its enormous support as the key principal donor. I also recall the efforts of the medical director and the entire team of the hospital, who, with their sincere dedication, have restored the sight of millions and enabled them to see the beauty of the world with their physical eyes.

We are progressing to achieve the goals set forth by our seniors when starting the “Better Eyesight, Better Life” campaign. We remain committed to this promise and pledge to strengthen it further through collaboration and cooperation with stakeholders.

Thank you, 

Jal Kumar Gurung 


Mechi Eye Hospital Sangh