Message from eye care foundation

As a long-time donor of this comprehensive eye hospital, we are very proud for having contributed to Mechi Eye Hospital becoming the well-established ophthalmology centre in Eastern Nepal that it is today. For the last twenty-two years, ECF has been working together with Mechi Eye Hospital continuously, to bring this hospital to its current leading position in the region.

This June 2019, the current project agreement with Social Welfare Council, Mechi Eye Hospital Sangh and Eye Care Foundation will come up for renewal. The new project agreement will also entail working together under the new federal structure, adopting the policy and guidelines of provincial and local government. Eye Care Foundation welcomes the opportunity to meet with all partners and stakeholders involved to formulate the projects and activities for the coming five years, in order to continue the support of the Mechi Eye Care Program.

The joint efforts of ECF and Mechi Eye Hospital have greatly contributed to our shared goal, the structural improvement of eye care services within the working area of the hospital. We intend to continue this successful cooperation into the future and look forward to keep on working closely together with Mechi Eye Hospital.

Arthur Matthijs Van Praag
Chairman of the Board
Eye Care Foundation
The Netherlands