Successful Free Surgical Eye Screening Camps in Jhapa and Inaruwa Districts

Mechi Eye Hospital, in partnership with Al Ehsan Charitable Foundation Nepal, is proud to announce the successful completion of multiple free surgical eye screening camps held recently in the Jhapa and Inaruwa districts. These camps were vital in providing essential eye care and surgical treatments to underserved communities in these regions.

The first camp was conducted at Pathamari S/C, Jhapa, on the 9th of Baisakh 2081. It saw an impressive turnout with 300 people attending the OPD for eye examinations. Surgical teams performed a total of 49 operations, including 43 SICS and 6 pterygium procedures, at Bhadrapur PECC the next day.

The second camp took place at Agrasen Vaban in Birtamode, Jhapa, on the 12th of Baisakh 2081, where a total of 180 individuals received comprehensive eye check-ups. Among these, 15 successful Small Incision Cataract Surgeries (SICS) and 4 pterygium surgeries were performed the following day.

The third series of camps ran from the 22nd to the 26th of Baisakh 2081, in Babiya, Inaruwa. During this period, the team attended to 600 individuals, performing a remarkable number of surgeries—103 SICS with PCIOL implantations, 14 pterygium surgeries, and 1 DCT surgery.

These camps exemplify our commitment to enhancing eye health and eliminating preventable blindness through accessible and high-quality eye care services. Mechi Eye Hospital extends heartfelt gratitude to the Al Ehsan Charitable Foundation Nepal, our dedicated staff, volunteers, and the local community for their support and participation in making these events a success.

For more information about upcoming camps and eye care services, please visit our website or contact Mechi Eye Hospital directly.