Surgical Eye Camp Brings Vision to Rural Communities

Taplejung Surgical Camp

From Falgun 25 to Chaitra 1, 2080, an impactful surgical eye camp was conducted at Taplejung, Phattanglung Rural Development Committee, Topethok. Organized by Ek Ek Paila Foundation, with technical support from Mechi Eye Hospital and Ek Ek Paila Foundation, the camp witnessed a total of 2,886 OPD consultations and 84 successful surgeries.

Expanding its reach, the camp extended its services to Sirijunga Rural Development Committee from Falgun 29 to Chaitra 7, 2080. The collaborative effort aimed to bring essential eye care to remote areas, ensuring improved vision and better quality of life for the residents.

Through the dedication of organizers and the technical expertise provided by Mechi Eye Hospital, this initiative not only provided crucial medical assistance but also fostered community well-being. Such endeavors underscore the commitment to equitable healthcare access and underscore the importance of collaborative efforts in serving underserved populations.