Mechi Eye Hospital Successfully Wraps Up 3-Day Surgical Eye Checkup Camp in Belaka Municipality

In a remarkable feat of community service, Mechi Eye Hospital has concluded a three-day Surgical Eye Checkup Camp in Belaka Municipality, Rampur, Udayapur.With a remarkable turnout, a total of 856 patients availed the outpatient department (OPD) services, highlighting the community’s proactive approach towards eye care. The medical team performed a total of 212 surgeries during the camp, showcasing the hospital’s commitment to addressing various eye conditions. Among these, 67 patients underwent phaco surgery, 119 underwent SICS (Small Incision Cataract Surgery), 25 received ptg (pterygium) treatment, and 1 underwent entropion correction.

The camp not only provided vital eye care services to the local population but also emphasized the hospital’s dedication to enhancing vision and eye health in the region. The success of this camp not only highlights the hospital’s expertise but also emphasizes the crucial role it plays in promoting eye health and preventing avoidable blindness in the community.