Eye Donation

Unlock the Gift of Sight: Be a Beacon of Hope!

Welcome to the Mechi Eye Hospital Eye Donation Initiative – a journey of compassion and transformation. Your decision to be a part of this noble cause has the power to bring light into someone’s world.

Why Eye Donation Matters:
Imagine the profound impact of restoring vision to someone who has lived in darkness. Eye donation is a selfless act that not only gifts sight but also renews the joys of life for those in need.

How You Can Illuminate Lives:
Becoming an eye donor is simple and powerful. Your gracious gift can be a source of hope for someone awaiting the miracle of sight. Join us in this mission and let your kindness ripple through generations.

Be a Visionary Hero:
By pledging your eyes, you become a visionary hero, leaving a legacy of compassion and generosity. Your act transcends time, leaving an indelible mark on the lives you touch.

Ready to be a beacon of hope? Take the first step towards making a lasting impact. Join the Mechi Eye Hospital in the beautiful journey of eye donation – because every pair of eyes has the potential to light up countless lives.

Let’s brighten the world together!

Kindly utilize the ‘Click here to Download’ button above to access the form. Please print the form, fill in the required details manually, affix your signature, and attach a passport-sized photo. Once completed, kindly send the scanned form to us at [email protected]

Upon receiving your email, we will promptly reach out to you.

Thank you for your cooperation.